Want to lose weight without starving then include Tilapia fish in your diet

Tilapia fish is high in protein but low in fats and calories and including such a nutritious fish in your diet will assist you to reduce calorie intake side by side giving all the nutrients that are necessary for the body. Phosphorous is found in abundance which assists in the growth and development of the bones in our body. Eating tilapia on regular basis will prevent osteoporosis where in the bone mineral density is protected from degrading as they age. It support the body metabolism, protects the body from various kinds of chronic diseases. Since this lowers the triglyceride levels the body is protected from various kinds of cancers. Tilapia increases the health of the hairs and also the immunity system of the body.


Tilapia is a white fish which is easily available and it does not have the unattractive fishy taste which is present in few sea foods, so it goes right well in all types of culinary. Tilapia is a lean fish and is short lived, so has lower level of toxins like mercury and can be very well taken by all ages. Omega3 fatty acids are found in abundance and assist to lower the cholesterol levels in cardiovascular system of the human. The brain power is boosted and neurological functions are increased, oxygenation to the brain in developed. Since so many essential nutrients are present in this tilapia, it has to be in the diet at least 2-3 times a week. You can make this even more nutritious by adding vegetables, pluses, fruits and spices that are liked by your taste buds. Various kinds are recipe like grilling, baking and pan fry methods are in the World Wide Web, and you can try out them and make your family healthy.


Try out this baked fish recipe with egg combinationimg87 

To make the baked fish with egg, you need 2lbs tilapia cleaned, 41/2 corn flakes crushed, 1/3 cup of wheat flour, black pepper power, salt, 2 eggs, non fat milk ¼ cup, ½ cup of mayonnaise, ½ cup of non fat plain yogurt ,3 table spoon sweet pickle relish, ½ spoon of lemon juice. For the preparation first keep the oven preheated at 375 degrees, take a bowl to make the sauce ,put the mayonnaise, yogurt, sweet pickle relish,1/4 ground black pepper and ½ lemon juice mix well and keep it a side. Take plastic covers put the cornflakes in it and crush it to small granules and keep it is a bowl separately. Take another bowl put the eggs and non-fat milk and mix well. In the third bowl put 1/3 wheat flour, salt and black pepper and mix well. Now take the tilapia fish dip it in the wheat flour bowl, then into the egg mix bowl and then in to the cornflakes and lay them on the baking tray, once you are done with it use the cooking spray and then bake them for 15-20 minutes ,once they are ready serve them with the sauce. A simple delicious healthy recipe of tilapia fish is ready in just few minutes.