Stay cool by having raspberry sherbet!

The cool desserts will be made by most of the people only in summer season in order to reduce the heat. Just make fun in your holidays by preparing raspberries sherbet and yogurt to cool the body. It’s better to stick with the natural ingredients for preparing desserts since it may give strength to our body. Raspberries are rich in antioxidants that fight against various diseases such as cancer, heart disease, circulatory problems etc. Most of the kids will like desserts that are filled with ice cream flavor. Its better way to prepare desserts to fulfill the happiness of the child by sparing little amount of time since the raspberry dessert can be made in short span of time by keeping track of simple steps.


Ingredients for raspberry sherbet

Opt for fresh raspberry to have colorful and tastiest desert. Just clean the berries well before using. Yogurt, milk, lemon juice, raspberry juice, vanilla essence is the major ingredients in preparing the recipe. The stevia is added to bring sweet to the dessert. The topping may contain any kind of fruit according to user wish. Buy some ice cream cones to serve the desserts in good manner.


Step by step guidance to prepare raspberry sherbet

Before started preparing the dessert just pick out the good and fresh raspberries. It’s well and good if you have a raspberry plant near your house. The fresh raspberries will offers you the better taste. Prefer the reputed store to get the fresh raspberries. Take a large bowl and pour two cups of yogurt, one tablespoon of milk, spoon of lemon juice, vanilla essence and half a cup of raspberry juice. The raspberry and lemon juices can be obtained by blending the raspberries and lemons. Three packets of stevia and one smashed banana should also be added. Stevia is nothing but the sweetener that adds flavor to the dessert. Once you got a mixture pour it into the cream blender and blend until you obtain the thick cream. Now serve the cream in ice cream cones or in small bowls. Serve the dessert by fixing some of your favorite food. Better have raspberry or strawberry to give better look and taste. Or simply you can insert the wafer to give a feel like ice cream. The tri color cherries may also be added. Just make the toppings with your favorite items.  Don’t forget to keep the cream in refrigerator to cool it. The minimum time for freezing the cream is four hours. If you took before 4 hours one may not get the enough cooling. So there may be the possibility of missing the yummy taste.


If you are trying the raspberries for the first time better go through many guides before doing. You may get an idea and your fear will be eliminated. Keep all the things and ingredients ready before doing. Check it twice to build up your confidence level. Cool raspberry sherbet is ready to serve and taste!