Fresh and energetic salad with fattoush

Fattoush salad is one of the tasty salads which can be prepared in home. It is very easy to make this salad in home. It saves time in kitchen as it can be made very quickly and easily. It is both delicious and healthy also. It supplies many important needed nutrients to the human body. This fattoush salad was first found in the tradition of Lebanese. It is a very famous salad prepared by everyone. This salad is filled with cucumber taste and the pomegranate essence. It is tasty enough with toasted bread also. This salad is made by combining the cucumber and tomatoes.  This salad is very delicious and colorful. This can easily attract the people. It induces the people to take it. Taking salad every day is not a bad practice. It will be greater enough to serve this salad to the guest. It will be a best summer recipe. It can be carried to any extent. As it is filled with several nutrients and vitamins they greatly help the people to enhance the health.

Taking salad every day will be considered to be a very healthy diet. All salads have unique nature. It supplies all the needed vitamins also.


This salad can be made by diced cucumber. At first a bowl is taken. One diced cucumber is taken. Four diced tomatoes are added with the cucumber in the bowl. Then very thinly sliced onion is added to the bowl. Onion is an additional ingredient which is added in every dish to produce excellent taste and healthy food. A piece of toasted and chopped bread is then added to the bowl. The bread may be pita bread to give better taste.


Then to make pomegranate molasses essence two table spoons of pomegranate molasses sauce is added to a fresh bowl. Then mix it with a juice of one lemon. Finely mixed juice and pomegranate molasses will give better taste to the salad. Then add some salt and pepper. This salt and pepper can be added according to the need and taste of the person. Pinch of salt will be enough for preparing this salad. Then add olive oil to the cup containing the mix. Quarter cup of olive oil is taken to the bowl. The olive oil must be extra virgin so that this will enhance the taste and flavor. After adding all these to the bowl then mix them finely. Note that everything is mixed thoroughly in the bowl. After mixing they pour the mixture into the already prepared cucumber bowl. Shower the juice to the top of the bowl with salad. It should be thick and smooth enough to use it. Then mix them altogether to get a fine taste. If they are mixed together properly it will make a good taste to the people who enjoy this salad. Thus our salad is prepared. The salad is now ready to serve. It can be served after few minutes by giving them time to set themselves.