Enjoy the evening with peanut butter banana pockets and salsa

Forget the tired day just by having best tea time intakes. Starting from schoolchildren to office men’s all are seeking for good evening snacks. The snack should be healthy at the same time it must throw off the people’s appetite. Here comes such snack named as peanut butter banana pockets and salsa. Banana is rich in various types of nutrients such as vitamin B6, manganese, potassium etc. It will definitely lend a helping hand to the people’s body to stay healthier since it consists of many nutrients. It’s one of the simplest evening snacks that can be prepared in short span of time without any hassles. It’s almost free from fat since it does not include any oil and frying. The salsa is just the side dish made with full of natural ingredients. The combination of banana pockets and salsa is best ever!


Ingredients needed to prepare peanut banana pockets and tomato salsa

The tortilla is the base ingredient for preparing the dish. Take two large bananas, 2 tablespoon of peanut butter, honey, cinnamon to make the peanut butter banana pockets.

A cup of red onions, 14 ounces of tomatoes, ¼ tablespoon of jalapeño pepper, minced garlic and cider vinegar are the inputs for preparing salsa. No other side dish can beat the taste of tomato salsa.


Make simple peanut butter banana pockets and salsa by just following simple steps

The bananas are the base ingredient for this evening peanut snack. Take two bananas and slice it into equal parts. Its better if you cut the bananas slice little thicker. ½ cup of peanut butter, honey and cinnamon is needed ingredients. Mix these ingredients thoroughly and make it as fine mixture. You will obtain the fine paste after the mixing. Now take large wheat flour tortilla. The tortilla is flat bread that was made from wheat flour. Apply the prepared paste on one half of the tortilla and place the sliced bananas on the paste applied regions. While applying the paste make sure that whether the thick layer is formed above the surface. Place the pieced bananas evenly on the surface by leaving some gap between each piece. Now fold the other half of the tortilla. Place the folded tortilla in the non stick cooking pan with normal high speed. Leave one side of the tortilla for few minutes until it reaches the golden brown color. Later turn the tortilla to heat its other side. Now the peanut butter banana pockets are ready to bite! But some may need some side dish along with the banana pockets.


The salsa can be prepared just by mixing the jalapeño peppers, red onion, minced garlic, table spoon of cider vinegar and diced tomatoes in a pan. Mix the ingredients thoroughly and heat it for 15 minutes in a heating stove. People can make use of green bell pepper instead of jalapeño peppers. The tomato salsa is ready to serve along with the banana pockets.