Dip from cabbage and sour cream

Cabbage is said to be a moon power in olden days. It is because cabbages grew in the moon light during night time. But now it has been proved that the power of cabbage comes from its sulfur and vitamin c efficiencies. It is very much worth if it is added to the diet twice in a week. As it is low in fat and high in fiber it greatly helps to reduce weight. It is also filled with vitamin K which acts as food for brain. Thus cabbage is very much rich in several nutrients.


Sour cream

Coming to sour cream it is a light cream which is soured by inoculating it with bacterial cultures. It can be used as a garnishing. It is considered to be the substitute for mayonnaise or a base cream for salad. It is rich in protein and fat. It contains nearly 23 grams of fat for half-cup. Thus sour cream is our next best ingredient to make cabbage dip.


Explanation to prepare cabbage dip with sour cream

Sour cream and cabbage dip is an excellent dish which can be prepared in homes very easily. It is a unique dip and using seasoned cabbage will reduce the time in cutting it and it acts as a great time saver in the kitchen. To begin the preparation an empty pan is to be heated and four slices apple wood smoked bacon is to be added to the pan. The apple wood smoked bacon must be finely diced before it is being added to the pan. To the apple wood smoked bacon one chopped large onion which must be white in color is to be added to the pan. It is to be then baked to a crispy texture. When it is baked the fats present inside will be coming out. Then it will be easier to drain the fats from the crisp baked mix. So the fat is to be drained completely into another vessel and again it is to be baked to get a crisp taste. After this four oz can dice green chillies are to be added to the pan along with the mixture present in the pan. These green chillies must not be drained. Then the main ingredient which is our cabbage is taken to the pan. 15 oz cabbage can which is to be drained is then mixed with the mix in the pan. Altogether they are to be cooked finely for three minutes.


The next part of the dish is to prepare sour cream. A medium sized bowl is which must be cleaned. To the mixing bowl two cups of dairy sour cream is added. It is then mixed finely with a wooden spoon. After finely besting it the cabbage mixture prepared is added to the sour cream which is beaten. They are then stirred finely. It is to be mixed till the mix is well blended. After this the mixture in the bowl is shifted to a cleaned bowl for serving. Before serving it some additional ingredients are to be added to improve taste and flavor. One chopped tomato which is cut in cubes is to be placed in the top of the blended mix in the bowl. One peeled and finely diced mango is placed as the second layer in the bowl. After it two table spoons of parsley is added in the third layer. This parsley is added in order to garnish the food. This food can be taken with toasted bread and also biscuits. Thus it can be served after few minutes.