Chicken Lovers? Excellent dish to fulfill your taste

Chicken dishes are familiar among all kinds of people in all around the world. Nowadays even there is no get together or any special occasions without chicken. Nothing equals to a piece of chicken. It attracts all the people from kids to old aged people. The major advantage of chicken is that it will not increase your weight. Rather it will decrease the obesity for some people. Usually the chicken based dishes will be good only if it’s spicy. One such dish is chicken chili recipe and its must to taste by everyone. Usually the weekends will be filled with chicken dishes in most of the houses. It’s marvelous dish to be prepared within short span of time. Make a special surprise to your beloved ones by serving the chicken chili if they are fond of chicken. This can be used as a main dish and also as a side dish for many other dishes.


Ingredients to make the yummy chicken chili dish

The chicken chili dish as usual includes the regular items such as salt, pepper, tomato and lime juice. The special item added here is chicken. Most of the people are craze of chicken. The canola oil is added to lift the taste of the dish. The chicken broth is taken to maintain the dish in slight liquid state. The onions and chicken should be chopped before using. The quantity of the ingredients depends upon the number of people going to have the dish. The levels can be adjusted as per the chef requirements. The continuous try of the chicken chili will give good results.


Follow simple steps to taste your favorite dish

Take a heating pan initially and pour two tablespoon of canola oil in the pan. Leave the pan for a while until the oil gets heated. Now put the chopped onion into the pan. Fry until the onion gets the golden brown color state. Now add minced garlic and fry it for 5minutes. Later add the diced chicken, northern beans and four cups of sodium chicken broth. Now add chill powder, ground cumin, dried oregano and tomato that are sliced. Adding chili powder will give good color and taste to the dish. The flavor can be raised by adding the salt and pepper. Add cilantro and lime juice at last. Now mix thoroughly and leave the pan for one hour. Since chicken takes some time to boil. If you didn’t provide enough time and space then the whole dish will be at risk. Make sure whether the chicken is cleansed well before using it. It’s better to wash the chicken with hot water. Ensure whether is chicken is well cooked before lifting it down. Since it kill all the germs and removes the dust.


If you need the dish more spicy then add the pepper flakes at its finishing stage.  The spicy dishes are always good to taste. Now be ready to taste the delicious chicken chili!