A recipe made from fruit tart

These fruit tart are made from a pre-baked tart shell and pre-made lemon curd. It is both healthy and delicious. Making recipe from this ingredient will give an exciting experience to prepare this fruit tart recipe. It is both simple and easier to make it in home. Fruit tarts are often considered to be a healthy choice in dessert making. They are prepared with just fresh vegetables for weight loss. As they carry many benefits they are used in the daily cooking dishes in homes. They are loved by all aged people as they are tasty a delicious too. They make a sense of satisfaction by giving a good healthy food with all nutrients and fibers in the fruit tar. In order to make the recipe some of the following procedure is to be followed in the home. Now let’s enjoy the dish by following the procedure and making an excellent fruit tart.


This is one of the sweetest recipe and also tasty. It is very healthy and thus we can learn to make this easily. These ingredients are filled with fibers and nutrients. This fiber helps to keep the digestive system healthy as it is made from fresh fruits. This also supports to reduce the cholesterol in the body.


Procedure in recipe making

To begin the recipe the oven is heated for about 350 degree heats. Next is to slice the wheat bread into several slices by cutting them on its edge which may be dried. Four wheat breads are enough to make this recipe. Next is to take the bread which is sliced finely. After making the breads to a very flat texture place the bread the baking plate and put it into the oven. They are to be baked for about ten minutes.


While it is baking the cream can be prepared. Four ounces of reduced-fat cream cheese is taken in a bowl. Along with it one and a half teaspoon s of skimmed milk is added to the bowl. They are finely mixed with the help of a folk spoon. Make it very smooth to take it to the next step. Then add two table spoons of honey to the bowl containing cream. To them also add ¼ teaspoon of vanilla to enhance the essence of taste. Then mix it finely again to get a smooth texture. Then paste the cream in to the baked and cooled bread on the one side of the bead. Each piece of the bread it applied with the cream mixed. Place about one fruit tart above each cooked and cooled bread to add additional flavor to them. Thus a good tasty fruit tart recipe is prepared in home. It is simple to cook. It is also very easier and time saving. Much time can be saved in the kitchen by making a delicious and healthy food inside the kitchen in the home. As the fruit tart are very much rich in fiber they greatly help the human body to extract the fiber content and increase the energy.